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Anna Margarida Chagas Bovet och Paula Ecuba


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Psykolog Anna Margarida Chagas Bovet är uppvuxen i Brasilien och utbildad i Rom. Hon arbetar som privatpraktiserande psykoterapeut, lärare och handledare vid Istituto di Neuropsichiatria Infantile vid Roms universitet. Det barn som beskrivs i artikeln hade just påbörjat en psykoterapeutisk behandling hos Paula Ecuba, barnläkare och psykoterapeut från Neapel. Anna Margarida Chagas Bovet arbetade som handledare i ärendet och är också den som i huvudsak skrivit detta "paper". Det presenterades hösten 1998 på en kongress i Italien. Författarna står för den engelska översättningen.

The case we want to discuss here is that of a boy of almost twelve years of age, who arrived for a consultation and thereafter has been coming to us for twice weekly psychotherapy for an obstinate encopresis, first occurring at the age of about six, when the child began to sleep by himself in his own room. Besides the encopretic symptoms, Maurizio has a whole series of somatic symptoms; obesity, various forms of allergy and a slight alopecia, starting to disappear at the time of consultation, in addition to which, the anamnestic material reveals a prolonged history of insomnia. From the age of two, he had the persistent habit of sucking his thumb which is ongoing still, besides other elements which would seem to point to the hypothesis of a Self pathology regarding the conflict connected with separation-individuation, with relative blockage or disturbance of development of the process of maturation, which would only lead to the possibility of settling in the area of transition and the creation of potenial space.

The material we are showing will, I think, give rise to questions on the psychosomatic pathology and clinical symptoms connected with it, rather than providing answers on the subject. This is still a recent material, and thus a therapeutic relationship has only recently been worked out which will require time to develop and to succeed in establishing the trust factors, that alone permit reciprocity, an indispensable condition for the resumption of processes of matu-ration (we only started work with Maurizio last April). In a certain sense, precisely for this reason we felt it would be useful to bring this case for consideration here.



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